HiHanyu-Learning Mandarin Online

We're designed for English-speaking people to
learn Chinese as a second language.

Our consultant will contact you

Choose the time and teachers

Choose the time and teachers

Define your level in the demo class

Speak like a native

For Beginner Chinese pronunciation and greeting

Personally tailored fun and 50 Minute lesson.
One-on-one frequent practice.
First evaluation test on HiHanyu.

The native teacher online anytime

Learn Chinese conversation and ordering food

Three years above Certified native teachers in online teaching.
Listening, speaking, reading or writing, we’ve got you covered.
3 months effectiveness.

Learning without boundaries

Leisure and entertainment

Learn whenever you want to learn-examination,
       business, studying abroad.
Flexible schedule, 15 minutes before booking
        and on classes.
 0600-2400 we fit your learning time.