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Brand History of HiHanyu

HiHanyu was founded as an overseas language education consultancy business.
Since 2006, with the help of The English Village plan, the company-HiTutor was able to promote educational projects in many cities in Taiwan.
By 2009, the first online foreign language company, HiTutor was created, which gave rise to the popularity of foreign teachers using the Internet to teach languages.

More than ten years of foreign teacher training success, and more than seven years of experience in online training foreign languages spoken in Taiwan, Network Without Borders' found, HiTutor decided to create Hi Hanyu to enter the teaching Mandarin market, with years of sustained research and development of textbooks, learning Chinese together with the help of technology. Mandarin, being a global think tank of Eastern pride, we can put up a bridge to the world.

In the Future, HiHanyu with you hand in hand to “Say Hi to the World”

A housewife turned business manager; lead singer of the band to the global stage; successfully passing the exam to study abroad – these may be a daily occurrence in HiHanyu. In the future, there will be more success stories, which might be yours, with our help. Welcome to HiHanyu, let's say Hi to the world.

Duration twice, the effect is unlimited

HiHanyu adhere to a 50-minute lesson curriculum time.
Many people who study at home through online learning said that they weren't given enough chance to talk with a 25-minute class. At the same price, HiHanyu will ensure students will get more from a class, they will have a chance to speak twice as more in 50 minutes. Teachers will simplify traditional characters and guide the students accordingly so they will be more satisfied and have a sense of accomplishment.

Learning by systematic approach, Learning by talking and thinking

Original "systematic study," Learning Chinese no longer chaos tricks, just to break the memorization of learning methods.
The “systematic study” of learning Chinese, by memorization is going to be modified.
Students will be evaluated after their registration by a personal consultant who will analyze a student's individual weaknesses and needs, to give a well-tailored course that will suit each learner's study plan!

One-on-one lesson online allows each class to be interactive and fun to learn. Students who need to prepare for tests and office workers with professional skills have access to exclusive learning programs. HiHanyu also offers enterprises and coporate training services to provide both online and offline lectures, seminars, etc., for enterprises to choose from.

Taiwan OTC companies

HiHanyu Taiwan OTC's stocks and quarterly financial statements have already been subjected to rigorous reviews by accounting firms.
Additionally, the Taiwan Cabinet (內閣) ruled that the company wouldn't disclose sensitive information, not only to protect the interests of investors, but to provide security to your learning interests.

HiHanyu online foreign language training with “cultural and creative lessons” won the Cabinet board, not only continuing to invest in research and development of new textbooks and curriculum, but also to provide sophisticated systems for classes. The Taiwan Economic Affairs - Business Innovation Research Program (BSIR) granted funds and fully trusting HiTutor's International Teacher Certification System, foreign language training and intergration of enterprise learning plafform. All of this is to ensure that you have a much better experience in learning languages!

Online Language Learning Convenience

In the current era in our global village, if you can speak two or more languages you will definitely stand out! If so, learning Chinese can be one of your top choices!
HiHanyu Online offers Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and two type of romanization, including “ㄅㄆㄇ” in Taiwan and “b p m” in China. Professional teachers build around your language needs.
The HiHanyu promise : All courses are facilitated with an exclusive personal consultant who will create your online one-on-one conversation course! For learners who had no prior experience in learning a new language, HiHanyu can also help to achieve step-by-step proficiency in the language of your choice.

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