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Name   Eva Wang (伊娃)
Education Background   Jiamusi University/ Major in English
Years of Teaching   4 Years
Expertise   Oral communication, root & prefix learning, idioms, traditional culture, travel

Hi, my name is Eva Wang, I have taught Mandarin for more than four years, I am good at teaching oral Chinese. I always help my students to speak as much Mandarin as they can, it is my goal to let the students speak more.

Here are some of my teaching ideas:
First, students are from different countries, they have different difficulties. My experience brought me lots of methods to deal with these problems.

Second, most of the students found Mandarin is very difficult, teachers should encourage them. I always try my best to make the grammar simple, it is easy for students to grasp.

Third, it is necessary for the teachers and students to speak as much Mandarin as we can during the class, but teachers should use English to explain the grammar, that is easy for students to understand.

Fourth, most of the students are very busy, they have their own work, so they don't have enough time to review, teachers should design their courses according to the students' situation.

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